A Sea Of Innovation: Nitro Network’s IoT Water Management Solutions

Nitro Network solution for water management

  • Enabling daily and precise monitoring of water usage by installing IoT powered smart water meters at the source points and major consumption areas
  • Automating water consumption patterns across the entire area by installing a IoT sensor and IoT pump control system
Nitro Network’s IoT water management. Source: Twitter @Nitro_HQ

Just the tip of the iceberg for IoT solutions

  • Monitor your home or even tend to your garden while at work, all made possible and simpler than ever with IoT solutions.
  • Connect health devices to your smartphones, enabling the collection and sharing of important data in an affordable way. This allows health professionals to diagnose issues remotely — saving time and lives.
  • Control home appliances remotely by using an IoT application on a smartphone or tablet as a remote control screen.
  • Track energy usage levels within a house or building via IoT devices which automatically send data, such as temperature levels, straight to network servers so it can be accessed easily anytime, anywhere, by anyone with permission.

The bottom line

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