A Step-By-Step Guide To Buy Nitro Network Non-Fungible Miners

  • Option 1: Pay with crypto via Ethereum Network (powered by Coinbase).
  • Option 2: Pay with Fiat via credit/debit card.
  • Option 3: Pay with crypto via Avalanche Network (connect with MetaMask wallet).
  • Option 4: Pay with NCash tokens (connect with MetaMask wallet).
  • If using Option 1, make sure you send the crypto through the Ethereum Network only and you have enough ETH to pay the transaction/gas fees.
  • If using Option 2, make sure you pay the whole amount and have enough to cover any associated transaction costs.
  • If using Option 3, make sure you connect your MetaMask wallet and have Avalanche C-Chain configured (C-Chain Guide). Make sure you have enough AVAX to pay the transaction/gas fees.
  • Step 1: Launch MetaMask.
  • Step 2: Make sure you have Avalanche C-Chain configured (C-Chain Guide).
  • Step 3: To add NCash to your MetaMask wallet, click “Import Tokens.”
  • Step 4: Fill in the following details:
  • Token Contract Address: 0xc69Eba65e87889f0805dB717Af06797055A0BA07
  • Token Symbol: Ncash
  • Token Decimal: 18
  • Click “Add Custom Token”
  • Step 5: NCash tokens will be imported to your wallet.


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