An Inside Look At The Unique Art Design Of NFMs

Because of their high value as crypto miners, some may forget that Nitro Network’s Non-Fungible Miners (NFMs) also have incredible value as collectible non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Our NFMs’ rewards alone are well worth the price tag, so their dual value as collectable NFTs make them an asset you can’t afford to miss. These NFMs are the first of their kind and could possibly be worth far more than their current price tag.

This article will go through the different tiers and designs of the Nitro Bot NFMs. We will even share a glimpse of these beautiful works of art. Users will notice the commitment to excellence for each and every one of these NFMs. From the highest reward-generating Tier 1 NFMs down to the Tier 3 NFMs, they are carefully crafted by expert designers, rivaling even the finest NFT collections.

On the NFT value of NFMs

CryptoPunks NFTs now command a hefty price tag, even the least valuable ones. Over time, people have recognized them as the origin of NFT innovation, and their value has risen astronomically. As time passes, who knows how high the price of the original Non-Fungible Miners will go! From Tier 1 to Tier 3, all NFM art designs are unique, remarkable and have actual utility in decentralized finance.

It’s no wonder that many users who have bought NFMs bought in multiples. There is just too much upside to collect well-crafted works that are the first of their kind, so much so, that Tier 1 Nitro Bot NFMs have already sold out! Still, don’t underestimate the value of Tier 2 and Tier 3 NFMs. They are also the first of their kind with incredibly high upside. This is the history of blockchain in the making!

For those unaware, rewards are granted every 30 minutes at the following rates:

Tier 1: 95.69* NCash

Tier 2: 80.00* NCash

Tier 3: 24.18* NCash

Each tier of NFMs comes in multiple rarities such as Hyper Rare, Ultra Rare, Rare and Standard.

An inside look at the unique art design of Tier 1 NFMs

Hyper Rare Tier 1 NFMs are crafted with 3D-generated art. Should you get one of these, rejoice! They look like they can pop out of the picture any second. The one pictured above even has a reflection of a futuristic cityscape on its lens, a detailed nuance that most NFT collections lack. The green shades of the robot are highlighted extremely well by the yellow and lime green background. Overall, this NFM is a stunning work of art.

Ultra Rare Tier 1 NFMs are 2D and will delight any lover of pop art. With the word RAD on its cap and a fanged monster clutching its head and neck, this NFM is cool. The background swirls add a dynamic touch to an already dynamic artwork. Those who prefer hip aesthetics may even want one of these Ultra Rare NFMs rather than the Hyper Rare ones.

There are also Rare Tier 1 NFMs that users and collectors can get their hands on. Rest assured, they are just as well-designed as the ones portrayed above.

Last but not least, is the Standard rarity. Even the Standard Tier 1 NFMs have precision colors and design, and for some they may look better than the rarest versions of the most popular NFTs in the market. In the Standard NFM above, the pink contrasts well with the background, and the ooze coming out of its face is a nice touch that differentiates it from the other Nitro Bot NFMs.

These NFMs will net you 95.69 NCash every 30 minutes. Unfortunately, Tier 1 NFMs are sold out for now. However, if you happen to see one up for sale in Nitro Network’s NFM marketplace, then be sure to grab it before it’s gone.

An inside look at the unique art design of Tier 2 NFMs

If one thought that Ultra Rare Tier 2 NFMs would be of less quality, then they would be gladly mistaken in this regard. In some ways, these NFMs have characteristics that one may prefer over the Tier 1 NFMs. The above design is absolutely on fire, literally and figuratively. The cybernetic aesthetics have flames bursting out of the neon robot, and the multi-colored backdrop makes the whole NFM come together.

Though less active in its design, this Rare Tier 2 NFM has a holographic background that swirls around the head. The neck stands out with its multi-colored wires, and the face can be seen through the face shield. Those who love small, fun details like the dinosaur patch on its shoulder, NYC logo and words “robot at work” would be satisfied by grabbing this one. Again, it’s an amazingly designed NFM that makes one question whether they would trade it for a rarer one.

Those who prefer calmer aesthetics will love this Standard Tier 2 NFM. The cap itself should make anyone smile, and the Nitro Bot’s face matches the smiley on its cap. The robot’s metallic parts have multiple colors which really stand out on the neutral background. Users who are into soothing aesthetics should want to nab one like this.

These Tier 2 NFMs will net you 80.00 NCash every 30 minutes. They are becoming increasingly popular by the day as more people learn about Nitro Network. The rewards and designs are eye-catching, so anyone who has been interested should definitely snag one of them before they sell out like Tier 1.

An inside look at the unique art design of Tier 3 NFMs

Marked by their cute aesthetics, Tier 3 NFMs will delight those who like a light-hearted touch in their artwork.

The Ultra Rare Tier 3 NFM is looking absolutely fabulous with its shades and yellow ponytail, and dog lovers who manage to nab this one up will never want to trade it away. This particular Nitro Bot looks like it’s about to work out with its pink and orange activewear. The swirling dark blue and pink background makes the robot’s colors pop, matching the vortex that can be seen in the Nitro Bot’s face.

The Rare Tier 3 NFM also sports fabulous eyewear and the burger in its hands would make any burger lover crave a bite. The gray and blue are classic robot colors with an eye-popping red used for the shades. The Nitro Bot is grinning under the shades and its arms are grooved with cyber-tech lines.

Standard Tier 3 NFMs rival their counterparts in design. The “How To Be A Robot” book is a charming touch. The bot’s face is vibrant and the pink body is eye-catching, especially when contrasted by the color of the book. The light blue background balances out the Nitro Bot’s colors. It’s another lovely piece.

These wonderfully designed Tier 3 NFMs generate 24.18 NCash every 30 minutes. An increasing number of people are noticing these NFMs and their unique aesthetics, as well as the generous rewards they earn for their holders.


NFMs are a revolutionary synthesis of DeFi and NFTs because no other NFTs out there have such a powerful grasp on aesthetics while also generating valuable rewards. Even without the utility, these NFTs are stunning works of art, and the fact that they generate rewards makes them a valuable asset for those interested in blockchain. NFMs are unique in the history of blockchain, and as the first NFMs that Nitro Network have released, they could be seen as the beginning of an entirely new way of interacting with blockchain.

Make sure to grab a NFM today before they sell out!

  • Rewards per EPOCH are subject to change as Nitro Network cannot guarantee a specific number of earnings. These numbers are an average that is reflected on our Tier system with a network size of 20K miners.

About Nitro Network

Nitro Network is building the largest decentralized private communication network powered by IoT combined with LoRaWAN and 3G/4G/5G. This hyperconnected world will enable unlimited use cases in our everyday life. Participants of Nitro’s decentralized PCN are part of an inclusive ecosystem that they own, operate and earn from. Nitro’s PCN will be a game-changer and has its proprietary token, NCash, at its core. On Nitro Network, everybody wins!

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