“The full potential of connected devices is only achieved when they are tied to individual identities” — NUCLEUS VISION enables that.
  1. Physical Security:
    IoT solutions have already penetrated residential and industrial security systems, and it will become a huge opportunity in the coming years. As it stands, the industry is severely lacking a comprehensive and intelligent solution that is also cognizant of privacy. We believe that NUCLEUS VISION is primed to tackle this problem.
    NUCLEUS VISION’s smart IoT sensors can become an indispensable component of wider residential, commercial and industrial security systems by identifying potential threats and intruders, and securely transmitting this data to concerned authorities over our blockchain network. This information can be utilized both in real time security, where premises can be monitored for unexpected persons, as well as after an incident, where our IoT sensors can be used to identify attackers. Micro-payments in the form of nCash tokens will enable this secure data transfer across various involved parties and our sensors. NUCLEUS VISION will enable an ecosystem of secure, trustless, independent and permissionless exchange of data over blockchain, to help make the world a more safer place for everyone.
  2. A Smart NUCLEUS Powered World:
    After NUCLEUS VISION revolutionizes the retail and physical security industries, we have our sights set on connecting the world through an ecosystem of interconnected IoT devices. NUCLEUS VISION’s technology team has already begun putting together the frameworks for NUCLEUS VISION Home, NUCLEUS VISION Cars, NUCLEUS VISION Health, NUCLEUS VISION Agri, NUCLEUS VISION City and NUCLEUS VISION Air. We believe that the NUCLEUS VISION platform has massive applications for smart communities/smart cities, agriculture, transportation, healthcare, and home monitoring.

So how does NUCLEUS VISION work?

The various players in the NUCLEUS VISION ecosystem (in Phase I: Retail) can be categorized as follows :

  • Customers who shop, like yourself
  • Other merchants who have customer data, such as banks, airlines, ISPs, telcos, online portals, etc.
  • A secure blockchain-based user data storage mechanism, to ensure the highest level of security
  • An AI-powered intelligence engine, which creates a relative “value-score” for each customer with the corresponding retailer or brand by mapping shopping history and preferences of the identified customer to this brand, and providing relevant deals, offers and recommendations to the customer
  • A blockchain-based, trustless data exchange mechanism between retailers, brands and customers
  • A universal loyalty program based on a proprietary cryptocurrency known as nCash, which can be used across NUCLEUS VISION’s partner stores.
  • Retailer provides a customer with personalized in-store recommendations (to incentivize in-store conversion)
  • Store offers discounts/coupons in the form of nCash tokens, which are sent to the user’s wallet (to incentivize in-store conversion)
  • Store rewards the customer with loyalty points in the form of nCash tokens (to increase retention and repeat buys)
  • Real-time personalized recommendations and personalized discounts will encourage more users to shop at the offline store, while also finding relevant products​ ​they​ ​want
  • Assured data security while highly personal information is exchanged between​ ​the​ ​two​ ​parties
  • The convenience of working within a single global loyalty program, that can be used across retailers and, for the very first time, even be exchanged for fiat currencies.



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