NCash Get Ahead Of The Curve

When Bitcoin goes down, most cryptocurrencies go down too — that’s just how the market goes and NCash is no different. Despite this, Nitro Network’s mission has not changed. Nitro Network’s ecosystem is growing by the minute, and the team is doing everything possible to make its mark in telecommunications, IoT and decentralization.

While many in the crypto world are panicking, we are calmly increasing the range and scope of Nitro Network’s innovative solutions. When the dust settles, people will see Nitro Network’s true value because of the utility its platform will provide to the world. In turn, NCash will be appropriately valued for its unique solutions in IoT and blockchain.

The various use cases of NCash should calm anyone’s mind about the currency’s true worth. With Nitro Network’s sights firmly set in multiple industries, the team knows that the future of the network looks bright.

The use cases of NCash

The general market dip has affected every cryptocurrency. Even so, Nitro Network is continuing to build a world of private communication networks (PCNs) powered by IoT. This hyperconnected world is the IoT alternative to cellular networks, unlocking a $3 trillion market opportunity. In this system of ever-expanding use cases, users will be rewarded and ultimately take ownership of the network.

NCash is the token that drives Nitro Network, so the true value of NCash will be tied to the success of the solutions that the network provides.

Here is a brief overview of some industries Nitro Network is projected to be involved in:

  • Real-time asset tracking in logistics
  • Applications in artificial environments in virtual reality
  • Increased robot efficiency via smart sensors
  • Applications in water, air, waste and energy to improve quality of life
  • Smart healthcare in remote patient monitoring

Nitro Network is also making its way into the gasoline industry by providing efficient and advanced solutions to businesses in this lucrative field. This is only the tip of the iceberg for a future with unlimited use cases.

The true value of NCash

NCash’s true, utility-driven value is increasingly presenting itself as Nitro Network’s ecosystem matures — the team is confident in this fact. When the use cases are seemingly infinite, who knows what NCash will be valued at in the near future? Since NCash is the fuel for next-generation technology, its actual value will be reflected when the network has branched out in more industries.

Nitro Network’s scope, however, is not just limited to decentralized applications of IoT technologies. The network also encompasses innovations in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain mining via Non-Fungible Miners (NFMs). NFMs are a unique synthesis of blockchain and decentralized finance, generating rewards in NCash. NCash is also used to buy NFMs in the Nitro Network marketplace, making our native token versatile in its usability.

The more applications that a cryptocurrency has, the better its future prospects. With NCash’s ability to be instrumental in so many things in the future, the dip is of no concern to the Nitro Network team.

Where we go from here

With the next generation of IoT and blockchain in sight, Nitro Network is creating solutions for an evolving world. Pullbacks are to be expected in financial markets like cryptocurrency, especially given the current conditions of the world.

Blockchain’s increased adoption in just the last couple years has been extraordinary, and much of the crypto market has increased in value over this short span of time. While most crypto dips are temporary, Nitro Network will forever be committed to its vision. Weather the storm — we’re still going Nitro! Click here to grab your NCash before the next market pump.

About Nitro Network

Nitro Network is building the largest decentralized private communication network powered by IoT combined with LoRaWAN and 3G/4G/5G. This hyperconnected world will enable unlimited use cases in our everyday life. Participants of Nitro’s decentralized PCN are part of an inclusive ecosystem that they own, operate and earn from. Nitro’s PCN will be a game-changer and has its proprietary token, NCash, at its core. On Nitro Network, everybody wins!

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Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Please do your own research before investing in any avenue. The information contained in this post is for informational purposes only. You should take independent advice from a professional or independently research and verify any information that you find in this post and wish to rely on, for the purpose of making any decision. Through this post, you may be able to link to other websites which are not under the control of Nitro Network. We have no control over the nature, content, and activity on those sites. The inclusion of any links does not imply a recommendation or endorsement of the other website, its products, or views.




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