Nitro Bot Army Staking and Claiming Rewards Guide

5 min readApr 11, 2023

NFTs have rapidly gained popularity in recent years among collectors, investors, and enthusiasts alike. They offer a unique and immutable digital identity that has broadened beyond just being a piece of art. With the advancement in the NFT space, we have seen NFTs transformed into a reliable source of recurring income for creators and collectors, as they can earn royalties on secondary sales. This added benefit has made NFTs an attractive investment opportunity, and many are now holding them for not just the value of the art but also for the potential of long-term recurring value.

With Nitro Bot Army, we have covered it all. This collection of 7,500 generative art NFTs not only represents a valuable addition to any collector’s portfolio, but also unlocks the door to NitroVerse, where the bot army is fighting against the dark by educating real-world users about IoT usage in daily lives.

But that’s not all — as a holder of a Nitro Bot Army NFT, you stand to benefit from a range of rewards and utilities, including access to the IP of comic content of NitroVerse, royalties, community campaign rewards, and more. And now, with the launch of the Nitro Bot Army Staking portal, NFT holders can earn even more rewards by simply staking their NFTs.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of staking your Nitro Bot Army NFT and earning up to 21600 NCASH* per month, just by holding and staking it. So whether you’re a seasoned crypto investor or just getting started in the world of NFTs, this guide is for you. Get ready to take your Nitro Bot Army NFT to the next level and reap the rewards of staking!

Step-By-Step Guide to Stake Nitro Bot Army:

Step 1: To access the staking feature, please visit our portal at and select the “Staking” tab. Once you click on the “Staking” tab on our portal, the following screen will appear, providing you access to the staking feature.

Step 2: The Next step is to connect your Metamask wallet and switch to the “Ethereum” mainnet network. Please make sure that you are connecting the wallet where you have minted the Nitro Bot Army.

If you are unfamiliar with Metamask, please refer to our guide on how to install it and connect to the Ethereum network.

After connecting the wallet, will show the NFTs on the page as below:

Step 3: In the third step, select an NFT and proceed to its details page where you will have the option to stake it. Click “Stake” to proceed further.

It is important to note that the staking feature is only available on the Ethereum mainnet.

Step 4: Next, click on the “Confirm” button in the Metamask popup. Upon confirmation, your NFT will be staked on the network, and you will become eligible for rewards.

Your NFT is successfully staked.


To unstake your NFT, go to the Staking page on our portal at . You will find the staked NFTs listed under the staking section of the page. Select the NFT you wish to unstake, which will direct you to its details page. The unstaking process is executed as a transaction on the Ethereum mainnet network.

Reward Claiming

To claim all your rewards, go to the Rewards section on our portal at . You will need to connect your Metamask wallet and switch to the Avalanche network. If you are unsure how to switch to the Avalanche network, please refer to our guide.

Once your wallet is connected, you will be able to see all the unclaimed rewards across all collections (Nitro Bot Army, NFMs (origin NFTs)), and you can claim them all at once.

Note: We will upgrade the functionality to show the individual earnings from the different segments in the next update.

We hope this guide has provided you with a clear understanding of how to stake and claim rewards on our Nitro Network portal. By staking your NFTs, you can earn rewards and contribute to the growth of our ecosystem. Remember, our team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. You can contact our support team on Nitro Discord Server. Thank you for choosing Nitro Network, and we look forward to seeing you take advantage of our innovative features.

About Nitro Network:

Nitro Network brings affordable and secure IoT solutions for you. The company is building the largest decentralized private communication network (PCN) using the LoRaWAN IoT devices. These devices enable your gadgets to communicate using 3G/4G/5G technologies. This hyperconnected network will enable unlimited use cases in your everyday life. Participants of Nitro Network’s decentralized PCN are part of an inclusive ecosystem that they own, operate and earn from. Nitro Network’s PCN will be a game-changer and has its proprietary token, NCash, at its core. On Nitro Network, everybody wins!

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