Nitro Bulletin #1

7 min readJan 24, 2022


Welcome to our first Newsletter!

We are excited to share our first bi-weekly newsletter. Keeping track of all the updates and recent advancements on Nitro Network is now easier with the Nitro Bulletin Series. From the pre-ordering of the Nitro ION Miners to the launch of our Nitro Nesting platform, the Nitro Network has come a long way. We witnessed incredible growth and acceptance from our community.
So, let’s take a quick look at what has been brewing over the last few weeks.

Launch of our Nesting Platform
Nesters, Miners, and Nitro Network

January 18, 2022, marked the launch of our Nitro Nesting platform. We were amazed by this simple, yet effective concept, and came up with an idea to monetize small, under-utilized spaces in homes, offices or anywhere to become hosts on the Nitro Network and earn effortlessly. Your place, your network, your rewards! Anyone can now host on the Nitro Network, and become the only Nester in a radius of 1 km. At the time of writing this article there are 600+ registrations for Nesting on the platform.

In addition, our posts about Nesting are always active on our social media channels. It is our intent to educate, create awareness and inform the community about Nesting, A detailed documentation was also released where people could find answers to their questions, Check out the documentation here

Read more about Nesting here:
1. Nitro Nesting — An effortless way to earn from any location in the world
2. Step-By-Step Guide to Become a Nester on the Nitro Network
3. How Nitro Nesting Ensures Everybody on the Network Wins

Genesis Node Staking
Hello there, premium members!

Just like you have subscriptions for becoming a pro member on any application, we came up with the concept of Genesis Nodes to enable you with premium benefits. The Genesis Node staking window was open from November 15, 2021 till February 15, 2022. Its privileges included rewarding the participants for the next 50 years!

We carried out a countdown campaign for Genesis Node staking creating awareness of the fact that participants were required to stake for at least 30 days to be eligible for genesis node rewards. January 15th 2022 was the cut off date for them to begin staking to become a genesis node in this context. The campaign successfully clarified the initiative and we saw a good response to our marketing communication.

Read more about our Genesis Node program
How to Become a Genesis Node
Hello There! This is Genesis Node
Staking NCash and Becoming a Genesis Node

Liquidity Program

We don’t stop when it comes to taking initiatives for our network and hence, we brought another rewarding program for our community. The Liquidity Program is live on the Uniswap V2 Platform and it offers rewards up to $50,000 in NCash for participants in the program.

Participants can be a part of this program by making a minimum payment of 1 ETH equivalent in NCash. The liquidity program is for two months.

Read more here Nitro Network Launches the Nitro Liquidity Program for $50,000 Worth of NCash Rewards

Nitro Staking Program
Staking NCash is rewarding!

This network is all about you. We came up with a rewarding Staking Program where participants are required to stake their NCash in order to earn an APR of 150%*. The staking window is live from November 15, 2021, and will be active till February 15, 2022.

At the time of writing this article, a total of 620 million NCash tokens have been staked. Interested in learning more about the staking program? Read here:

Read more here:
The Most Rewarding Token Model

AMA on Reddit

Our CEO Anoop Vootkuri came on to the Reddit AMA on 5th January, 2022 to answer many questions from the community. We were able to address most of the queries that spanned a wide bandwidth — token economics, product updates, pre-miner orders, our Staking, Liquidity & Genesis Node programs, miner referral program to mention a few. The AMA was welcomed by the community for the information shared and throwing light on the company’s road map for the next few months and its plans.

Nitro ION Miner pre-orders
Where it all began!

In October 2021 we offered 1000 Nitro ION Miners in our first roll out of miners as a special pre-sale event. We were met with an incredible response from our community! Pre-orders in Phase 1 were sold out in less than 2 weeks. We offered a 100% discount which the miner could redeem in NCash after the delivery of Nitro Ion miner at the time of delivery. Our team was excited by the support and appreciation shown by the community. A high-volume social media posts communicating spread awareness quickly. Soon, everybody wanted to pre-order their Nitro ION miner!

We followed this up by offering an 80% discount which could be claimed in the form of NCash at the time of delivery of the Nitro ION Miner.

In the second phase 1000 Nitro ION miners units started rolling out in mid-November which were pre-ordered within a week! Currently, the third and last phase is going on with 2000 Nitro ION miners for pre-orders. In the pipeline is a special reward to all those who have pre-ordered through personalized emails. The Nitro ION Miner pre-orders are scheduled to run until January 31st, 2022.

We have an on-going $5K giveaway miner pre-order contest in which all the participants are required to tag 5 friends on our social media posts, like our posts and follow us @Nitro_hq.

Read more about our miner program here

Miner Referral Program

Nitro Network is all about rewards right? And who better deserves wins thnt our miners who have pre-ordered their Nitro ION miners and showed their support and trust in us. We ran a simple yet compelling referral program where participants could win a free miner through a simple set of actions. They are required to

  • Retweet our referral post
  • Tag 3 friends
  • Pre-order the Nitro ION miner & refer to their friends
  • Get 5 preorders from their referrals

The response was great with many participants vying for the free miner. We followed this program with a winner announcement post which in turn inspired many in the community to participate and increased traction for the referral program. We already announced two winners for the same.

Summing up

You can look forward to more in our next newsletter which will be two weeks from now. Just so you know, we are always very active on our social media channels. We have recently added Instagram to the mix so you can follow / like/ share here too!

Watch out for our next set of updates. Rest assured we have a lot in our kitty!

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