Nitro Bulletin #11

  • Places NFMs in the middle of the website, where all visitors can consider it as an investment opportunity and a colorful collectible.
  • Provides newcomers direct avenues into the Nitro Network community via Join Discord, Connect Wallet and Enter Ecosystem buttons located on the main page.
  • Improves UX by introducing a vertical sidebar, which removes website clutter and prioritizes navigation convenience and speed.

A recap of Nitro Network’s IoT solutions

  • A poultry farm
  • A residential complex with 700 units
  • A cement factory
  • Reduce electricity consumption by up to 30%.
  • Cut manpower costs by up to 80% via automated operational efficiencies.
  • Extend asset lifespan due to improved conditions created by IoT sensors.
  • The Nitro Network team is constantly refining who gets precedence within a hexagon (1 square km area) to ensure a fair, consistent and optimal ranking system for the Nesting program.
  • The Nitro Network team has clients who are helping with proof of concept for the newly deployed Nesting ION Miners, but more time will be needed to announce their names to the public.
  • As a result of diminished NFM supply, the NFM rewards will be revised for all tiers, but these rewards could increase again based on the laws of supply and distribution.
  • The Nitro Network team is working on updating more accurate information on the CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap websites, which will improve public sentiment.

The path ahead

  • Attempting to get NCash listed on centralized exchanges, while teasing that there may be an announcement regarding a listing on another decentralized exchange soon.
  • Prioritizing the expansion of the network via onboarding and registering new Nesters in new locations around the world.
  • Incentivizing people to register for the Phase 1 rollout of their Nesting devices, which are expected to be sent out later this month or early next month.
  • Announcing a big update regarding the Nitro Network Explorer, which is a portal that will show the community all the Nesters, hexagons, grids and indicators, allowing Nesters to choose the most efficient Nesting locations relative to their location.

Cashback and incentives

  • 5% of the initial staking amount bonus was given to OG Genesis Node stakers as a bonus (who staked before February 15, 2022 and for at least 30 days) on July 15, 2022.
  • Cashback quantities will be $45, $36 and $23 for batch 1, 2 and 3 respectively and will be distributed the first week of August.

A big thank you

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