Nitro Nesting — An effortless way to earn from any location in the world

3 min readJan 5, 2022


Picture this. What if we were to tell you that a 10x10 inch of shelf space in your home or office is your potential to earn effortlessly? And that too from anywhere in the world? Caught your interest right? Well, that’s what we are doing at Nitro Network. Ushering in a brave, new world of what we call “Nesting”.

Simply put, we are creating a cohesive ecosystem with which you can host a private network, and sit back and earn!

Become a Nester and start earning!

To begin with, your current location is your source of earning while nesting on the Nitro ecosystem. All you need to do is following:

  1. Choose your current location,
  2. Complete the verification process
  3. You can begin hosting from your location

We’ve kept the steps very simple and you are on! And what would you require for this? 10 x10 inch free space in your home or office and a good WIFI connection! That’s it. Once your location is verified by the Nitro platform you become a “nest” and start earning for hosting the Nitro Network!

Location is everything

Nitro Nesting is built around location. We have divided locations into Tiers in order of descending importance — Tier 1 for optimized rewards followed by Tier 2 and Tier 3. The Tiers have been categorized on the basis of the location’s eligibility for hosting the Nitro Network — In terms of connectivity, earning ability, infrastructure, neighborhood, population and so on. Each Nest will operate on a 1 km radius. Just to let you know there can be only one “Nester’’ in one defined location. (We know. You are already wanting to be the first!)

Why Nitro Nesting is the best way to earn

Since the Tier structure and locations are verified by Nitro Network and every nest has a defined 1 km radius, we have solved a lot of problems in one go -

i) There is no network congestion as encountered by other decentralized private networks so mining happens smoothly

ii) We have ensured an equitable distribution of rewards by limiting the number of nesters to one area.

This means there are less nesters fighting for the same piece of pie! Everybody gets their due share of rewards for hosting the Nitro Network!

Nitro Nesting is about you!

Our nesting initiative is an extension of our fundamental approach in what we are about — building a hyperconnected world powered by you. We have made it effortless, simpler and richer in rewards so that you, as a community, can own, build and grow the networks of the future from anywhere in the world. It will not be possible to cover everything in one go in this article. You can look forward to more from us on this revolutionary, game-changing initiative through our upcoming announcements on our social media channels so stay tuned!

We invite you to be a part of the Nitro network that’s been created with you in mind. Find your nest, host it anywhere in the world and step right into this entirely fascinating paradigm we call “Nesting”.

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