Nitro Network: A Bull Among The Bears

5 min readJun 13, 2022

There’s no shying away from reality: The cryptocurrency space is a bloodbath at the moment, and leaders like Bitcoin and Ethereum are struggling to pull their weight. Despite the pessimism, the Nitro Network team knows that bear markets have produced some of the most robust business projects in the world, and it’s working tirelessly to ensure it emerges stronger than ever once the tide turns.

Securing partnerships with key social media influencers

One link in the chain of initiatives the Nitro Network team has been crafting this crypto winter is its marketing funnel. Aware of the importance of social media partnerships for exposure and success — particularly for the Non-Fungible Miners (NFMs) — the Nitro Network team has sealed a strong partnership with social media crypto influencer Crypto Love, which has over 200,000 YouTube subscribers and 21 million views!

Cumulatively, Nitro Network’s social partnerships have increased exposure to hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers and thousands of individuals in Telegram groups like Crypto Town, OneShot Ventures and Crypto Coin Coach. The team believes that this marketing funnel will provide a direct gateway to advertise key improvements in Nitro Network’s infrastructure, most of which are already under development.

Tirelessly working on LoRaWAN technology

With a mission to build the largest decentralized private communications network (PCN) powered by Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G technology, the Nitro Network team is attempting to extend the boundaries of reality and improve the lives of millions around the world.

This vision is possible thanks to LoRa (longe-range) technology, which is a physical network that allows devices to transmit information from sensor to sensor, and LoRaWAN (longe-range, wide-area network), a cloud-based software that governs the LoRa communication process. In a recent article, Nitro Network outlined the details of this system.

In this bear market, the Nitro Network team has been adding to LoRaWAN capabilities, introducing chirp spread spectrum (CSS) and outcome as a service (OAAS) functions. The former is the technology that enables the transmission of information between LoRa and LoRaWAN. Similar to how echolocation allows bats to send and receive information, chirp pulses initiated via long-range radio-frequency technology allow LoRa and LoRaWAN to transmit information over incredible distances using very little power.

This innovative communication capability not only makes it possible for machines to autonomously communicate with one another, but also provides Nitro Network users with the tools to engineer Nitro Network’s software and hardware components into a unified system. This allows them to reap rewards and take ownership of the network.

Finally, with the community at the forefront of its mind, the Nitro Network team is further developing the network’s OAAS system, which will further improve the lives of everyday users by providing them with additional rewards and ownership features.

Expanding the use cases for NCash

If LoRaWAN is Nitro Network’s body, then NCash is its heart.

As the network’s native currency, NCash is at the center of every transaction that occurs on Nitro Network, and its value directly reflects the value of the entire project. So far, NCash’s utility has been mostly tied to the network’s Non-Fungible Miners (NFMs), but as more work gets done in this bear market, NCash’s value is set to increase as more of the token’s near countless use cases are unlocked.

Nitro Network is building a business that impacts everything from medicine and health monitoring to traffic flow optimization and smart parking. In Nitro Network’s vision of the future, NCash will power:

  • Smart Cities
  • Asset tracking in AI and VR metaverses
  • Smart street lighting
  • Enhanced logistics operations
  • Smart buildings

Recent developments to LoRaWAN technology are accelerating the rate at which these use cases become a feasible reality. As Smart Cities and Industry 4.0 continue to rise, NCash will be the currency for an interconnected world. Moreover, aware of investors’ adverse reaction to massive price drawdowns, the Nitro Network team is also working on stabilizing NCash while rapidly expanding its use cases.

Additional partnerships adding value to Nitro Network

Nitro Network has recently fortified partnerships with key operators like Avalanche, Beefy Finance and Pangolin to take the business to the next level. The Avalanche partnership, for example, unleashed a slew of benefits to Nitro Network users, including:

  • Low gas fees
  • Quicker network speeds
  • Eco-friendly usage

Partnerships with decentralized finance (DeFi) operators Beefy Finance and Pangolin significantly expanded the value proposition of NCash, providing direct means to yield maximization potential, liquidity provision and farming opportunities.

Springboarding off of these successful partnerships, the Nitro Network team is planning on adding more advantageous partnerships during this bear market. With a vision to come out of this crypto winter as a leader in the space of PCNs and IoT, Nitro Network is fully focused on attaining agreements with some of the best in the business while building products its users will be proud of and excited to support.

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About Nitro Network

Nitro Network is building the largest decentralized private communication network (PCN) powered by IoT combined with LoRaWAN and 3G/4G/5G. This hyperconnected world will enable unlimited use cases in our everyday life. Participants of Nitro Network’s decentralized PCN are part of an inclusive ecosystem that they own, operate and earn from. Nitro Network’s PCN will be a game-changer and has its proprietary token, NCash, at its core. On Nitro Network, everybody wins!

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