Nitro Network Tokenomics Update

Nitro Network’s NCash Minting & Distribution

Current NCash minting & distribution allocations

  • ICONIC (Tier 1) will be allocated 42%.
  • PREMIUM (Tier 2) will be allocated 33%.
  • TOP (Tier 3) will be allocated 25%.

Network Infrastructure Mining & Network Coverage Validation

  1. For the Network Infrastructure Mining reward pool, there will be a supply of 1.0865 billion NCash per month for the first year, with 80% allocated to Miners and 20% to Nesters.
  2. For the Network Coverage Validation reward pool, there will be a total supply of 299.3 million NCash per month exclusively for Nesters. From this supply, Phase 1 Nesters will receive rewards from the Tier 1 pool of 125.7 million NCash.

Network Data Transfer & Staking Rewards

  • Awarding NCash rewards to these hosts every epoch from a monthly pool of 50.4 million NCash.
  • Activating rewards at a later time for both Miners and Nesters from their respective reward pools once the network is active and bringing utility.
  • Offering a total supply of 664.2 million NCash from the Staking reward pool that will be minted as per usage and current demand. This same approach will apply to Ecosystem rewards as well.
  • Sharing the minting data for these pools in our bi-weekly Nitro Bulletin.

Revision of NFM mint targets

Details for Nitro Network’s Token Burn

In conclusion

  • Reward distribution from the allocated pool is subject to multiple factors such as claim process, stakeholder’s (NFM holders, stakers, Nesters) participation, and the number of NFMs staked and active number of Nesters.
  • The minting, distribution, claim and reward process is subject to change as per the market conditions and unavoidable circumstances

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