Nitro Network’s Fully Revamped Website

It’s a time of strong market unrest for the crypto space, and investor panic is certainly rampant. Despite this, Nitro Network remains unperturbed in its mission to provide a better experience for the crypto community and its first goal — revamping the entire Nitro Network website — is near completion.

Nitro Network’s strategic dashboard

The first part of Nitro Network’s website revamp comes in the form of a strategic makeover. The Nitro Network team has transformed the official website from a standard-issue landing page to a fully dynamic user dashboard. This new website acts as a control panel that grants users increased autonomy, information and functionality — befitting Nitro Network’s vision of putting control of technology back into users’ hands.

Nitro Network’s new dashboard. Source: Nitro Network

The new strategic makeover also provides three additions at the top of the website that make it easier than ever for newcomers to get started: Join Discord, Connect Wallet and Enter Ecosystem. The first tab, as the name suggests, allows users to join the Nitro Network Discord server with ease. The second tab allows users to connect their wallet to Nitro Network and immediately begin participating by using its new Avalanche-native NCash token.

Finally, the Enter Ecosystem tab takes users back to the landing page of the original website. Here, Nitro Network explains the vision of the company and the intricacies of making oneself eligible to earn NCash.

NFMs take center stage

Nitro Network’s newest iteration of its website now has the Nitro Bot Non-Fungible Miners (NFMs) displayed front and center on the dashboard. The elaborative page design dives deeply into the core utility of these digital assets, explaining how NFMs will maximize human and graphics processing unit (GPU) resources around the world.

It also extensively covers the other facets of the Nitro Network ecosystem including: Nesters, reward specifications and earning cycles.

This is a significant shift from the original iteration of Nitro Network’s front page, which provided few visual references of the company’s hallmark NFMs. Fortunately, the newly updated design puts Nitro Network’s proprietary mining technology in center stage, allowing newcomers to see exactly what they’ll be participating in.

Providing better UX

For many projects, a growing digital ecosystem is often accompanied by clunky interfaces and difficult-to-navigate menus. Nitro Network’s new vertical sidebar menu removes all the clutter and prioritizes convenience and speed, putting the user experience at the forefront.

This new sidebar menu allows users to switch between the dashboard, the NFM shop, their NFM collections and their rewards page. Whether they’re looking to purchase an NFM or just check up on their NCash rewards, users can be assured that nothing is more than a few simple clicks away.

Nitro Network’s team gets an NFM makeover

Eagle-eyed users will notice an interesting section: The Big Bots. This is Nitro Network’s creative way of introducing its core executive team, and it is accomplished in the most fitting way. Each team member has been assigned a unique Nitro Bot NFM representative of who they are.

Team members, revamped (top) and original (bottom). Source: Nitro Network

It’s a fun twist on the company’s original team section, but more than that, the way Nitro Network has chosen to introduce its executive team is emblematic of the company’s passion, creativity and vision.

Wrapping on a creative note

Nitro Network’s website revamp is sure to provide a more fluid and cohesive user experience. The vibrant dashboard of Nitro Network will draw the attention of users, as it stands out against the dark-mode aesthetic that is popular among websites today. Furthermore, the improved functionality should encourage visitors to stay on the page longer.

Suffice to say, the kaleidoscopic look and user-centric journey of Nitro Network’s revitalized website does justice to the exodus of expressive NFMs.

Make sure to stay on top of all the latest milestones and advancements of Nitro Network by following the company on its social platforms. Moreover, to participate in hassle-free crypto mining and to be on the frontier of Web3, join Nitro Network by grabbing a Nitro Bot NFM today!

About Nitro Network

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Nitro Network is building the largest decentralized private communication network (PCN) powered by IoT combined with LoRaWAN and 3G/4G/5G. This hyperconnected world will enable unlimited use cases in our everyday life. Participants of Nitro Network’s decentralized PCN are part of an inclusive ecosystem that they own, operate and earn from. Nitro Network’s PCN will be a game-changer and has its proprietary token, NCash, at its core. On Nitro Network, everybody wins!



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