Nucleus Vision is building networks of the future with Private Communication Networks — A $2 trillion market opportunity waiting to be tapped

One of the most compelling reasons private communication networks are increasingly being relied upon to bring more of the world online is their ability to bypass affordability barriers and enable a cohesive ecosystem that drives economic growth and boosts efficiency.

It holds the potential to open many opportunities for impactful use in various domains such as improving real-time monitoring of patients in healthcare, enabling vehicle automation in mobility, supporting the use of AI-powered robotics in manufacturing, providing valuable data to enrich customer experiences in retail, and much more. In fact, the use cases are almost limitless. Estimated as a $2 trillion market opportunity, the future is brimming.

Understanding Private Communication Networks

As the world gets increasingly connected, connectivity technologies are enhancing the value proposition of digital global networks. With their applications enabling astounding advancements in speed and reliability, private communication networks are rightly aligned to usher in more connectivity between people, devices, and geographies concretizing the footprint of the fast emerging “smart world”.

A Private Communication Network provides a secure wireless network coverage that brings in increased connectivity for homes, businesses, industries, utilities, and just about everything that can be connected. This network of the near future can successfully enable an IoT platform to create a secure network of connected ‘things’. Its benefits extend to several IoT led applications ranging from consumer devices such as wearables and smart home solutions to smart industrial equipment and monitoring sensors.

Opening Up A World Of Possibilities

Let us begin with the concept of IoT itself. This beautifully simple idea allows devices to connect or “talk” with one another through a low-powered wireless network designed to raise the quality of our lives. Self-driving cars, smart electricity meters for accurate billing, secure tracking of vehicles and assets in real-time, smart irrigation systems that save every drop of water, and a million other use cases open up a smart interconnected world of optimum functionality. In this evolution of communication technology, the next logical step to consider is low-powered networks.

Now, think of this connected world enabled by LoraWan/3G/4G and 5G and the thought opens the doors for a deluge of opportunities. Practically, every daily function becomes that much more enhanced, convenient and better. It has a wide range of applications in agriculture such as automated irrigation, soil monitoring, water management. In real estate, energy optimization systems and structural health monitoring can have significant advantages. In terms of city planning, governing bodies can make the lives of citizens easier with smart lighting, waste management, precise weather prediction, and more. Smart metering applications for water, gas and electricity helps utility providers make their services more efficient and cost-effective for their consumers. IoT devices in supply chain monitoring helps firms improve their production goals and enhance asset tracking. The fight against climate change stands to gain with the advent of various environmental monitoring sensors. With its low latency and consistent real-time critical data delivery, this revolutionizing technology’s application is truly limitless.

The key benefit, however, lies in the data generation that is carried out by almost all devices that are a part of the network. Followed by exhaustive data analysis, valuable information can be gathered to drive efficiency-improving actions.

5G Powered IoT — Higher Connectivity, Bigger Advantages!

5G powered IoT devices have demonstrated they can play an integral role in enhancing people’s lives. Other than the advantages of speed and latency, 5G’s ability to support an even higher number of connected devices is paving the path in quicker adoption of smart devices connected across private communication networks leading to a smarter world. In short, 5G makes the magic of IoT bigger and better than ever!

A Network Of Interconnected Technologies

Now let us go a step further. Imagine placing such a next-gen, high-potential network on a decentralized protocol that allows communities to own, operate and earn from the network itself! This inevitably will encourage whole-scale adoption and participation in a cohesive ecosystem where the key players include devices, miners, and routers who work in tandem to get the best out of the network.

The private communication network is the DNA of the smart world. At NV 2.0 we are powering such a world, leveraging every opportunity that will bring about a paradigm shift in quality, efficiency, and productivity in every aspect of life. We are building this on a decentralized and inclusive ecosystem incentivizing users to own, operate and earn from the private networks of the future.

We believe it is not only about unlocking opportunities but delivering a world where humans, devices, and networks collaborate in a democratic and transparent ecosystem to offer a suite of next-generation data, products, and services.

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Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Please do your own research before investing in any avenue. The information contained in this post is for informational purposes only. You should take independent advice from a professional or independently research and verify, any information that you find in this post and wish to rely on, for the purpose of making any decision. Through this post, you may be able to link to other websites which are not under the control of Nucleus Vision. We have no control over nature, content, and activity on those sites. The inclusion of any links does not imply a recommendation or endorsement of the other website, its products, or views.




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