NV 2.0 — DeFi for Retail Purchase Loans

Nucleus Vision announces the world’s first decentralised purchase loans offering, allowing crypto users to purchase real world products.

We at Nucleus Vision are happy to announce NV 2.0 — A retail defi offering platform. Our upcoming NV DeFi offering is a Layer 2 solution, which will aggregate existing DeFi lending protocols, partner with liquidity providers, and partner with global retailers and brands to enable crypto users to leverage their assets to buy real world products.

These products include a wide range of retail products from apparel, electronics to automobiles and homes. With this DeFi offering, we aim to increase crypto adoption and thereby the utility of nCash as a result.

Why DeFi?

The global retail lending market is estimated to be at a whopping $42 trillion. At the time of announcing this, the global DeFi market stands at over to 4 billion USD. This is a huge global opportunity and purchase loan offerings will be a key driver for growth in this market.

The idea of being able to leverage your assets for stable interests and for access to financial instruments has picked up tremendous momentum. Furthermore, the transparency that DeFi can bring to retail lending will be unparalleled. This is a strong DeFi use case.

With Nucleus Vision’s extensive retail networks we will be able to bring a world of product assortments to crypto users. As a layer 2 solution for DeFi, Nucleus Vision will aggregate existing DeFi protocols to access crypto liquidity and source exciting brand deals for retail crypto users to purchase. This will give our users extremely competitive lending rates, and attractive cash backs across all product categories.

Through localised liquidity partners, we will ensure that crypto pledged on NV DeFi can be redeemed for fiat currencies, with which crypto users can buy real world products. In our initial discussions with brands, the capability to provide credit instruments to alternate asset users has been received very well and we are excited to unveil exciting brand offerings on NV DeFi in the coming weeks.

And of course, in the spirit of DeFi, all of the transactions on NV DeFi will be run in a decentralized manner, via smart contracts.

Expanding the nCash utility

As we continue to expand on our initial sensor driven GTM, the global DeFi opportunity is very synergistic with NV’s reach to consumers, retailers and the overall purchase loans ecosystem. With the right brand associations and technology IP, Nucleus Vision is rightly placed to build a widely used DeFi solution for a real world usecase. Here, nCash will be the underlying utility that paves way for this massive opportunity via the DeFi platform in terms of loyalty expansion and DeFi payments.

With NV DeFi, we can now serve the global retail market — the brands have more purchases, purchase loans can be offered to crypto users and the existing DeFi infrastructure can more than benefit from this. Our strength and USP will be in making aspirational and useful brands and products available to the everyday crypto user.

As an early entrant into the market, we have seen the ups and downs of the crypto market and we strongly believe that an ecosystem and adoption approach is necessary to grow. NV 2.0 will also have a lot of exciting personnel addition that we are at the cusp of closing.

We are just getting started.

Stay tuned for more information on our official Twitter and Telegram channels.

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