NV 2.0 ups the game in product strategy by onboarding one of the industry’s best

With more than two decades of experience in product management and strategies, Praveen Thakur is the newest face to join the budding team at NV 2.0. A passionate leader with an unquenchable thirst for delivering consumer-centric products, Praveen will join NV 2.0 as its Chief Product Officer.

Having begun his leadership journey at Tech Mahindra in the role of a Delivery Manager, Praveen is well-versed in capitalizing on opportunities that are crucial for increasing business efficiency with intelligent insights. Driven by his strong passion for innovative solutions, Praveen was instrumental in bringing about a dramatic turnaround in client perspective within six months of assuming charge. His deep-seated commitment to thoroughly understanding customer needs is in tandem with NV 2.0’s vision to craft top-line products and services that make a positive difference in the lives of the members of its community.

His intuitive and proactive approach towards problem-solving made him a highly valuable asset as a Service Delivery Manager during his stint at Quinnox. Here, he developed a well-respected standing among his peers by implementing successful strategies to overcome complex challenges in a tumultuous market environment. The dynamic demands of building the best-in-class networks of the future are well-placed in the hands of a robust personality such as Praveen’s.

Praveen Thakur, Chief Product Officer, Nucleus Vision

Praveen’s penchant for delivering transformative solutions translated to his firm grip over technology-based products and services. His undying enthusiasm for learning has led him to become a certified blockchain expert and an AWS cloud specialist (having earned AWS Certified Solution Architect — Professional certification), a unique combination of product and technology skills that will play an integral role in his contributions towards realizing NV 2.0’s ultimate vision for global decentralization. As a Management Alumni from INSEAD Business School, Praveen’s role in NV 2.0 syncs well with the company’s aggressive product roadmap and strategy.

Having spent considerable time on the Board of Directors of Envision Financial Systems, Praveen is no stranger to the world of product development with a strong focus on quality assurance. By leveraging his experience in delivering cost-effective and efficient financial solutions, Praveen’s expertise will form the backbone in realizing the scaling opportunities of NV 2.0.

Praveen’s deep knowledge and experience in creating end-to-end product solutions and reliable communication skills will prove an invaluable asset for NV 2.0. We’re excited to welcome Praveen Thakur to our team and are convinced that his long-standing reputation as a natural leader and a tech expert will drive NV 2.0 to become the most sought-after platform for building the networks of the future.




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