The nCash Token

1. Data Exchange

NUCLEUS is an IoT based, contactless identification system, which inherently means that data will be exchanged between players on the platform. The nCash token will be the token based payments system enabling this data exchange, and will be used to remunerate data providers and reward customers for sharing their data.

  1. 2. Retailers to Customers
nCash, is the decentralized cryptocurrency of the NUCLEUS ecosystem

2. Loyalty and rewards programs

Store-specific currency exchange between customers and retailers already happens through loyalty and rewards programs. These programs are highly ineffective and mostly useless for the customers. Industry data shows that over $360 billion USD worth of loyalty points go wasted every year. On top of that, loyalty programs are extremely expensive to develop, implement and maintain. Loyalty points also have a limited shelf life. In some schemes, they run out or ‘expire’, i.e., if you don’t use them, you lose them.. This is great for the companies issuing them but provides little value to the customer.



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