The Nesting Platform is Live!
A step by step guide to host your “nest” on the Nitro Platform.

  • Enter your credentials to login in if existing user (your email and password)
  • Sign up if you are a new user
  • Allow Location and click on “detect location” to automatically get your current location
  • Or manually enter your address and select it from the drop down.
  • Please check if your address is correct. This is the time you can edit your address if there are any errors.
  • Once you have checked your address please click “Proceed”
  • Please select the type of Miner you would like to host. Then click on “Proceed”
  • Please confirm your nesting location
  • Ensure that the address and the miner type selected is correct
  • Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully
  • After you have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions click “Submit”

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