Why Nitro Nesting Ensures Everybody Wins

5 min readJan 8, 2022

We at Nitro Network strongly believe that the essence of decentralization with its ethos of fair play is immutable. Nitro Nesting is a concept that reflects this vision in every possible way.

So what does Nesting really mean? It means that anybody who participates in hosting the Nitro Network wins handsomely. That the rewards are equitably distributed. That facilitating this amazing concept is the Nitro platform at the core. Creating a synergy of people hosting the network across the world, enabling them to earn effortlessly from their location!

Now you must be wondering how we are achieving this larger-than-life agenda? It’s simple really. When the commitment is to reward everybody who hosts the network, there is an equally strong commitment to create the ideal environment for it. It means addressing the two prime issues that can stand in the way of earning from a decentralized network

1. Network congestion
2. Equitable distribution of rewards

Before we go on to elaborate as to how we have solved the above problems, let us take a brief look at why network congestion happens in decentralized networks. The answer is simple. Multiple mining devices in one small area competing with each other. Imagine, a LoRaWAN device can provide network coverage upto a radius of 3 KM of radius (subject to multiple external factors). But there are 70–80 mining devices (assumed number) in a radius of 3 kilometers.

Together these devices create a network coverage of max 5–6 KM. If they are placed optimally, they can create a network coverage area of ~240KM (80 devices x 3 KM range of each device). Lack of optimization not only cuts the network coverage but it also impacts rewards. Ultimately the network witnesses so many miners fighting to claim their share of rewards that it results in the inequitable distribution of the share of the pie.

Nitro Nesting — Hitting the bull’s eye!

Nitro Nesting” is a concept that is designed all around you — people like you who host the network, allowing you to earn effortlessly through an equitable distribution of rewards and at the same create a strong and sustainable private network.

To begin with, as a Nester on the Nitro platform your current location is your source of wealth! And we have strengthened this further. How? As a Nester you will be the only host in a 1 km radius. At the most you will be sharing the area with one more Nester. So when you host the network, the rewards come to you. Without network congestions. Without too many nesters fighting for the same piece of pie. The equation is one that puts all the advantages on your side — One or a maximum of two nesters in a 1 km radius!

So, what exactly does “nesting” involve?

Simply put, you become a “nester” on the nitro network when you successfully host the network from your location, from anywhere in the world. However, there are a few simple steps you need to follow in terms of verifying your address.

The verification process is very much similar to that of Airbnb, Once the address is verified by the Nitro platform and your KYC is completed you gain your status as a ‘nester”. You are now the Nester in a 1 km radius which is practically your kingdom to earn rewards!

Why nesting is effortless and beneficial!

Your address or current location determines your nesting status. All we need from you in a 10 x10 inch space in your home and office and good WiFi connectivity. Once you upload your address and it gets verified, you are assigned the nester status. Your location however determines your rewards. How, you may ask? To avoid the pitfalls other decentralized private networks face, we have divided cities into different Tiers — Tier1 (that gives you optimized rewards) followed by Tier 2 and Tier 3. Read more about the Tier structure here.

The Nitro Network platform will assign you the perfect match of the Nitro ION miner according to your location. So you will have Nitro ION miners building the network you host! While you sit back and enjoy the rewards!

As a Nester you are assured about your rewards

As mentioned earlier ,we have limited the number of nests in a defined 1 km radius. (Incidentally that is also the optimized LoRaWAN connectivity to ensure smooth data transfers) This means that the network will not face any congestion, eventually contributing to smooth mining. In addition, the number of nesters is limited to one area, so there is a minimum number of miners assigned to a particular area.

The outcome:

1. No issues of network congestion

2. Equitable rewards for all nesters and miners on Nitro Network

3. Optimization of resource and network coverage

How to be a nester

We’ve made the process of becoming a nester disarmingly simple. Remember, your location determines the amount of rewards you earn, To be a nester follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose your preferred unused micro space in your home/office
  2. Complete the verification process
  3. You will then be assigned a Tier based on your current/specified location
  4. Your nest will operate on a 1 km radius
  5. Begin hosting from your location and start earning

Nitro Nesting is all about you!

At Nitro Network we are all about creating an ecosystem in which everyone is connected and the distribution of rewards is optimal and uniform. As a Nester on the Nitro Network, you host the network, and contribute regardless of where you are located in the world.

Being a Nester on Nitro Network means literally surrounding yourself with rewards, and that too effortlessly. So, are you still staring at that 10x10 inch unused space? You know what to do when we launch our Nesting platform very soon!

Happy nesting!

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