Hello There! This is Genesis Node

1. How do I become a Genesis Node?

2. Can an NCash holder apply for Genesis Node after Feb 15, 2022?

3. Is the Genesis token a new token?

4. Are all NCash holders Genesis Nodes by default?

5. How do I stake?

6. What are the kinds of rewards I can get under this program?

  1. Special Genesis Staking Reward Program — If you are a current NCash holder and stake for the next 3 months (from 15th Nov to 15th Feb), you get a 150% APR. This is in addition to the Genesis reward.

7. Are there any specific dates for Genesis Stakinga and earn Genesis node entitlement, as in the starting and closing date

8. What will happen after Feb 15, 2022?

9. What if I stake for less than 30 days?



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